The genWHY team has been to our co-op multiple times and each time they leave our employees thirsty for more.  They bring a fresh perspective to the topic of generations in the workforce that seems to really resonate with our employees of all ages.  They have also conducted a session on body language and multiple employees stated they were making changes in their everyday conversations based on what they learned.  If you need a dynamic group of speakers that have a broad range of topics I highly recommended genWHY!

- Melissa Hollingsworth, Baldwin EMC

In the nonprofit world, the role of development and fundraising can be very stressful and easily lead to burnout.  That's why it was great having Phillip come and speak to our local chapter of The Association of Fundraising Professionals.  He was able to provide a perspective and insights that left our members recharged and armed with tools they could use throughout their careers to find their passion.  GenWhy for the win.  I can’t recommend them enough.

- Jay Hixon, Thrive Alabama

Kristin is a dynamic and entertaining speaker and facilitator who is knowledgeable about soft skill topics, and connects with the audience through engagement tactics - go Kristin!

- Lane Fabby, Client Solutions at IBM

Kristin is a rockstar who will captivate an audience from go! Just when you thought you have heard all you needed to know about generational diversity, Kristin gets real. During a recent Annual Meeting of the National Association of State Personnel Director's, Kristen captivated our membership with her enthusiasm and southern charm! She provided real experience and knowledge on why generations are so different and how they can work together to build strong and resilient workforces. Don't miss out on an opportunity to have lots of laughs and learning! Outstanding presenter!

- Byron Decoteau Jr, State of Louisiana State Civil Service Director

I was given an opportunity to attend a recent speaking engagement at Calhoun Community College where Ms. Kristin Scroggin was the guest speaker and delivered a resounding presentation. I can't speak highly enough of Ms. Kristin in her breadth of the topic being presented (Generational Diversity in the Workplace), her engaged delivery to a broad and diverse group of professionals, and how she maintained involvement through her immediate connection. I would absolutely sit through hours and hours of presentations if Ms. Krisitin was delivering them. If you have the chance to attend a lecture with Ms. Kristin or just grab coffee - do it - I promise you won't regret it.

- Joshua Ewell, Director of Human Resources at LSINC

I had the opportunity to hear Kristin give a presentation on generational diversity while supporting a program at Teledyne Brown Engineering. Kristin presented in front of an audience of over 100, with an age range of ~ 25 to 75 years of age.

I fall into the category of a Millennial, but Kristin was quick to identify that many of us older Gen Y's may align more towards Gen X'ers, based on how & where we were raised. More importantly, she left me with a better understanding of how I approach things professionally with others, whether I am reaching out for mentorship, or giving direction to an employee.

I'd recommend Kristin's services to any team who is looking to grow leaders internally. She will provide your team with the tools needed to start communicating clearer. I can assure you her very direct, but light hearted personality will leave you full knowledge, and certainly with a smile on your face.

- Joe Salls, Vice President nLogic

Kristin is not only an expert in how to understand and lead through generational differences, she applies her talents as a professor and comedian to truly make a difference in the lives of everyone she comes in contact. Highly recommend working with her!

- David Mathis, President MartinFederal

Kristin is an industry leading expert in generational studies. Her personality keeps large crowds engaged and wanting more. The stories, insights, and facts that she provides can truly impact how organizations treat generational differences.

I would invite Kristin to all events, as the material she covers, is critical for every influencer, in any organization.

- Bahadir 'Baha' Koseli, Account Executive Qualtrics

Kristin's personality and enthusiasm for explaining generational differences has been life-changing for me. I was extremely frustrated with people I was trying to hire or groom for a position and she helped me realize that not all age groups are the same. I had to learn how to speak differently to different people based on how they grew up. I still go to Kristin when I have a question about behavior and it save me a lot of hassle and misunderstanding. I would recommend her to anyone especially those who are looking to grow a business or have a better work environment.

- Ruchi Singhal, Senior Program Manager at Tennessee Valley Authority

Kristin spoke to our Electric Utility over a series of multiple sessions on Generational Diversity. A session sponsored by our Diversity Council, generational differences play a major role in our day to day as we have employees ranging in age from 18-72! Kristin engaged each employee with her wit, charm and humor by 'saying all the things that HR can't! Most notably was the ability to connect with such a variety of skillsets. Intermixed for each session, employee responsibilities ranged from Electric Line Worker to CPA. Additionally, she led a Manager/Supervisor training focusing on the exciting task of managing people over many generations. Kristin's training and 'on-the-mark' points on characteristics within the generations held everyone's attention and hit home with each one there. We were pleased to welcome Kristin and have shared her as a resource with others. If you get a chance to catch one of her sessions, or better yet, welcome her to your own business, I encourage you to do so.

- Privott Stroman, CDE Lightband

Kristin is one of the most engaging and inspiring presenters I have had the pleasure of listening to. She always does the research to fully understand her audience. Her knowledge and thorough understanding of her field is light years beyond others I have heard on similar subject matters, and she backs it up not only with the data, analytics, and impact on your businesses bottom line… but also with firsthand industry experience. I’ve seen her captivate audiences comprised of elected officials, Fortune 500 CEOs, as well as rooms full of mid level management & laborers. If you're struggling with turnover, work life balance, your work culture, or simply interested in getting a better understanding of your employees and the way the communicate, I would strongly suggest bringing Kristin in for a much needed breathe of fresh air.

- Ryan Renaud, Trustmark Bank

If you're looking for a passionate, energetic, knowledgeable and entertaining facilitator, you've found her! Kristin Scroggin, owner and lead trainer of genWHY Communications, facilitated a phenomenal presentation for our federal associates on ageism. The content was rich and educational. Our associates are still raving about how much they learned and how they can apply it to their work environments. Kristin really broke down how each generation has come to think about and associate age. We hope to have Kristin back again to speak to our associates! I highly recommend Kristin to any organization that wants to educate their associates through her engaging facilitation! She will not disappoint!

- Danielle Jones, Senior Program Manager, CGS Diversity Equity & Inclusion, CERNER

Kristin Scroggin is a much-beloved speaker who I wholeheartedly endorse. At the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville, we first engaged Kristin to be our keynote speaker at our annual nonprofit professional development conference in 2017, and we brought her back by popular demand in 2020 and again in 2021. Kristin has a unique ability to connect with her audience who hangs on her every word. Whether she is speaking about generational differences or about nonprofit storytelling, the audience walks away both informed and inspired.

If you are looking for a speaker who will deliver a home run for your next event, Kristin is the one you want!

- Melissa Thompson, CEO & President at Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville