If I were the President...

Posted on Wed May 05, 2021

If I was the President I tell you what I'll do...

First of all, I would never want to be "THE President", as in the politician. So fear not... I won't be touching politics today. 

I'm talking about if I was the President of YOUR company or organization and was responsible for setting the direction the company was moving in the next ten years.(PS. YES, it's easy for me to tell you what to do when I'm working with your money not mine).

Knowing what I know about the Millennial Generation and the fact that 45% of the US is under 35 years of age if I was the boss here's what I would start pushing my Human Resources, Management, and Leadership team to start working on. 

1) INCREASE FLEXIBILITY Begin researching how to institute Core Hours/ Flex Days as it's going to blow the minds of many older Boomers who have a hard time believing anyone is working if they're at home. Both GenX AND Millennials prefer at least some level of flexibility in their work schedules. More about CORE HOURS about FLEX HOURS. I genuinely believe that any company that is not instituting one/both of these ideas IN the next FIVE YEARS will have a very difficult time attracting and retaining top young talent. 

2) BENEFIT BUFFET If your HR people aren't already talking about broadening your benefits packages I'm honestly surprised. Whether you've been LISTENING to them or not, well that's on you. The three generations in the workplace seem to want very different things out of benefit packages. INSURANCE seems to be the major concern for Boomers. Some are not even retiring SPECIFICALLY because of Insurance concerns. GenX seems to be highly focused on retirement benefits and family-related benefits. Millennials gravitate towards PTO/ Vacation incentives, Tuition Reimbursement, and Animal Insurance. The big thing is that what all your employees (especially the younger employees) want is CHOICES. This about this, this is a generation who the cereal AISLE was created for. They're used to large amounts of choices. So companies that allow customization will get more attention. 

3) LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT I'm not sure Mentoring even begins to cover what is going to be needed in the information/soft skill transfer time associated with natural changes. Leadership tapping should begin as a part of the orientation and onboarding process. Being intentional about training on hard skills and soft skills and showing a path to future leaders is vital. In order to have a future middle manager, you must retain incoming employees now and showing them that they have a path and a future with your organization and then training them in leadership will be key.

So there you go. Call it my list of campaign promises if you wish, but if I was the boss this is what I would get moving on today. 

Good luck!