Four Ways You're Accidentally Creating Toxic Culture

4 Ways You're Creating Toxic Culture

The newest global research supported by SHRM and identified by QualtricsXM suggests that employees’ needs will have to be addressed to slow the Great Resignation. Surprisingly, many leaders and managers have no idea how to define a toxic culture, so they’re not sure if their mission, goals, or leadership styles play a role in attrition rates. This presentation explains how organizations have been blinded by the MIRE of a toxic culture and suggests methods to see their path forward again. 



- Attendees will learn the theory of Margin-In-Life. 

- Attendees will learn the definition of a toxic culture through the four negative targets that create MIRE. 

- Attendees will learn strategies that can be implemented immediately to turn the tide of a toxic culture to one where respect and communication can flourish. 



Presentation is best 60 minutes in length



Dr. Sadie Gray



Designed for management and team leaders – deliverable virtually or in person.


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