Attracting & Retaining the Next Greatest Generation

Roadmap to Attracting and Retaining Rockstar Employees

In the midst of The Great Resignation (or Reshuffle if you prefer) attracting and retaining have become imperatives. This presentation will let you in on some of our top tips for interviewing, onboarding, training and empowering Millennials and GenZs to WANT to stay with your organization. We will examine key questions you can ask to assess whether the employee has "THE TWO T'S" (Teachabie and Tolerable) and walk you through our Roadmap to Retaining Rockstars. You wont want to miss it! 


- Attendees will learn the top 10 "abilities" you want to discover in new hires during the interview process. 

- Attendees will learn more about the importance of tapping potential leaders early in their career and training them to be successful. 

- Attendees will learn about key Communication skills that many new employees might need training on in order to thrive in your organization. 



Presentation can be done in 60 minute or 90 minute sessions. 



Presentation can be done as a webinar or face-to-face presentation. 


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