Bridging Generational Gaps

** Bridging Generational Gaps works well as Part 2 of Generational Training. Especially if you've had a shorter (ie 1 hour) GenTHEM training prior. **

Bridging Generational Gaps

Understanding the "origin story" behind key generational differences can really help Bridge the Gaps in your office. In this presentation will briefly examine the date divisions of American generations before launching into an exploration of where many of those different view points came from. From understanding how each generation views intelligence to explaining why some groups are better at managing time than others we figure out how to better appreciate one another by discovering that its usually less about rebellion and power and more about how you grew up.



- Attendees will be able to identify the 5 generations currently in the American Workforce. 

- Attendees will learn about common differences related to views on Intelligence, Excellence, Time Management, Adaptability, Social Needs and Work Ethic.

- Attendees will understand how the mixture of these abilities can be beneficial within their workplace. 



Presentations are best at 60-90 minutes as needed. 



Presentations can be given as webinar or as a face-to-face presentation. 


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