Civility in the Workplace

Be Nice: Tips for Increasing Civility in the Workplace by Refining Communication Skills

It’s not that people aren’t nice, or even that they don’t want to BE nice, it’s just that we seem less and less aware of what we are communicating to those around us than ever before. This presentation examines how becoming more aware of our verbal and non-verbal communication can help decrease bullying and micro-aggressions to promote a NICER workplace, and who doesn’t want that?



- Attendees will learn about how different people receive feedback. 

- Attendees will learn key strategies for improving verbal communication.

- Attendees will learn key strategies for improving their NONverbal communication so they can be better received. 



Presentation is best as a 45-60 minute presentation



Can be given as a webinar or a face-to-face presentation 


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