Communicating in a Virtual World

Communicating in a Virtual World

In 2020 Covid-19 changed the WORLD in so many ways, but in particular it made the ability to work virtually more realistic for millions of employees. However it has created some Communication obstacles for many. For example, how do you lead someone virtually? Does it making it easier to quit or ghost the company when you know you'll never pass them in the halls? Does it impact your ability to get promotions and set up a strange competition in the office for people who are willing to come in more? We will discuss these concepts and more while learning to better Communicate in a virtual world. 



- Audience will learn key tips for better video chat meetings and webinars (ie lighting, background, clothing, angle, etc). 

- Audience will learn more about choosing the appropriate medium for the message.

- Audience will learn more about leading their team virtually.



Presentation is best 45-60 minutes long



Presentation can be delievered face-to-face or as a webinar. 


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