Covid 19's Impact on Generations

Covid 19's Impact on Generations

A global pandemic in 2020 turned companies around the world on their heads. Organizations had to devise ways to communicate effectively with their employees without being in a face-to-face situation for years on end. This event has changed the way we will communicate within business forever and knowing what changes are here to stay and what is potentially to come will benefit all who attend this lecture. We will explore how to stay connected, build community, communicate bad news and work together in a hybrid workforce in our post-covid world.



- Audience will learn about potential pro's and cons of hybrid, full time f2f, and full time virtual working schedules. 

- Audience will discover some key trends that are likely to change (or never return) to the office space. 

- Audience will learn more about how Covid may impact future generations. 



Presentation is best 30 - 60 minutes



Presentation can be delivered face to face or through webinar. 


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