Generation THEM: Navigating a Multi-Generational Workforce

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Generation "THEM": Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Generation "THEM" examines the "WHY" behind each American generation's common perspectives so that we can better understand one another and build more cohesive teams. This presentation gives attendees solid understanding of generational norms and the importance of attracting and retaining top young talent to ensure sustainability while allowing them to laugh at how silly we are deep down.



- Attendees will be able to list the names and accepted age ranges of each generation currently in the American workplace.

- Attendees will be able to identify 3-5 commonly held beliefs within each generation.

- Attendees will be able to differentiate between commonly held traditionalist perspectives and that of incoming generations.

- Attendees will be able to articulate feedback for employees and co-workers of other generations that maximizes acceptance and change.

- Attendee will choose more effective mediums to communicate with co-workers in every generation to increase productivity.


* This presentation can be paired with Bridging Generational Gaps to take a more in-depth exploration of Generational Diveresity. 



This presentation is best at 60-90 minutes 



Presentation can be delivered as a face-to-face presenation or a webinar