Generationally Focused Fundraising

Generationally Focused Fundraising

Every non-profit organization relies heavily on fundraising in order to have success. However, what do you do when each generation prefers a different level of nteraction, outreach, advertising methods, volunteer opportunities, and event type? Are you choosing the right styles for your target audience? This presentation will examine what methods you should consider for your marketing budget next year and help you stretch your fundraising dollars to maximize impact!



- Attendees will be able to identify the 6 generations currently in the United States. 

- Attendees will learn Communication preferences for each generation. 

- Attendees will discover how to match the need of their non-profit to the generation best equpped to fill that need. 



This presentation is best at 60-90 minutes in length



This presentation can be given as a webinar or as a face-to-face presentation


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