How to Speak Geek

How to Speak Geek 

Living in a town full of literal Rocket Scientists has helped me hone my skills when communicating with the the highly intelligent in organizations. Understanding your audience is a great skill to have no matter what, but whenever dealing with extremely linear people it becomes an imperative. If you work with a large amount of government employees, scientist, mathmaticians, techies or the like,  this is a great presentation for you. It's light and fun and helpful when it comes to undertanding how to best connect and pitch to very logical listeners. 



- Audience will learn more about how extroverts, introverts, and ambiverts use and conserve energy

- Audience will learn some great tips on how to best use persuasion when speaking to brilliant people

- Learn how to leverage nonverbal communication to better connect and build rapport with your audience



Presentation is best at 30-45 minutes



Presentation can be given face-to-face or as a webinar


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