Improving Nonverbal Communication

I Can’t Hear You Over Your Body Screaming: The Importance of Nonverbal Communication in the Workplace.

Experts have found that 93% of all meaning comes from the nonverbal communication, and only 7% of meaning comes from the words themselves. However, we spend far more time planning WHAT we are going to say and little to no time on HOW we are going to say it. This training helps attendees better understand what signals they are sending and better perceive those around them in order to more clearly communicate with co-workers.



- Attendees will be able to define the common behaviors linked to American nonverbal communication. (All nonverbals are highly cultural)

- Attendees will learn their how American colleagues interpret specific gestures, posture, use of time, and facial expressions and how those from other cultures might use nonverbals differently. 

- Attendees will learn ways they might be unintentionally displaying aggressive or passive behaviors that are impacting their work communication. 



Presentation is best at 45-60 minutes



Presentation can be delivered face-to-face or as a webinar


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