Internship Focused Communication Trainings

Internship Focused Communication

Do you want to make sure that your interns are prepped and ready to communicate effectively within the organization as they complete their internship? This presentation helps interns better understand "the game" that is often played in the workplace by addressing things like clothing choices, making small talk, taking initative, and interacting virtually. We will make sure your interns are ready to go when they begin working with you! 



- Attendees will learn key communication expectations within the workplace. 

- Attendes will learn how implementing specific communication behaviors can get them noticed and appreciated in the office. 

- Attendees will learn how specific behaviors might give a bad impression to others in the office. 



Presentation is best delivered as a 2 to 3 hour interactive class, but can be delivered as a 60 minute webinar if needed. 



Face-to-face interactive training session or webinar. 


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