Proactively Addressing Employee Mental Wellness

Proactively Addressing Employee Mental Wellness

58% of managers admit to lacking managerial training and only being hired or promoted based on content knowledge. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) “because I said so” does not fly in today’s workplace. The indignity of not being listened to drives employees to quit across industries. This presentation explains three tenets of adult learners for managers to use when assigning tasks. 



- Attendees will learn the science of conversational intelligence to ensure mental/emotional protection of employees. 

- Attendees will learn three tenets of andragogy (adult learning) to influence their approach to assigning tasks.

- Attendees will learn the importance of feedback mechanisms and examples of how to implement them starting tomorrow for a healthy culture of communication.



Presentation is best 90 minutes in length. 



Designed for management or team leaders – deliverable virtually or in person.



Dr. Sadie Gray


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