Persuasion and Influence

Increasing Persuasion and Influence

The basics of Rhetoric (the Art of Persuasion) have been around since the early Greeks and haven't really changed much sense. In this presentation you will learn how you can use ethos, pathos, and logos to better persuade clients, co-workers, and managers to listen and take action.  We will also explore how nonverbal commuication behaviors might be counteracting your ability to influence and what actions you can take to appear more confident without crossing the line into arrogance. 


- Attendees will learn how to define ethos, pathos, and logos and construct better persuasive conversations using these skills. 

- Attendees will learn how to better use nonverbal communication ranging from posture to understanding an individual's body clock to increase persuasion odds. 

- Attendees will learn how to better read the behaviors of their clients, co-workers, and managers to know when to proceed and when to take a break. 


** This presentation has gone over particularly well at events centered around Women in the Workplace, but is fantastic for all groups and ages**



Presentation is best at 45-60 minutes in length



Presentation can be delivered face-to-face or over webinar


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