Presentation Skills & Reducing Anxiety

How to Present So That No One Knows You Hate It!

Being a good presenter has a lot more to do with knowing tricks to elevate credibility, leverage emotions, and providing quality logic than it does with natural talent. This presentation highlights how spending time refining delivery skills, updating presentation aids, and organizing content for maximum retention can "up the game" of any person. Whether you have to give briefs, status updates, yearly reports, or just persuade your team to get excited about the next quarter, increasing your presentation skills is the key.



- Attendees will learn the "perfect outline" to help them best organize their presentations

- Attendees will learn delivery skill techniques that will help them appear more confident

- Attendees will learn tricks for designing presenation aids that WOW



Presentation is best 60-90 minutes in length. 

Presentations can be extended into half-day boot camps with exercise and practice time in small groups



Presentations can be delivered face-to-face or as webinars


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