Reducing Burnout: Questions Managers Need to Ask

Reducing Burnout

Industries face difficulties navigating a new landscape where employees are willing, now more than ever, to leave their employment. Four million people quit their jobs every month for a large timespan of 2021 and 2022. Beyoncé has even joined in on the fun (not that she is quitting, thank goodness). From flexible work schedules to feeling included in the workplace, this presentation explains the best way to know what an employee’s needs are: is to ask.



- Attendees will learn the psychological needs of their employees based on longstanding principles of adult motivation. 

- Attendees will learn the importance of feedback mechanisms and examples of how to implement them starting tomorrow for a healthy culture of communication.

- Attendees will learn how to ask the right questions to gather useful employee feedback. 



Presentation is best 60-90 minutes in length. 



Designed for management and team leaders – deliverable virtually or in person.



Dr. Sadie Gray


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