Soft Skill Focused Interviews

Determining if Your Next Employee will be TEACHABLE & TOLERABLE: Interviewing for Soft Skills

At this point in time Teachability and Tolerability should rank high on the must-have list for any new employee. The best way to figure this out is to ask soft skill related questions during interviews. Determining how your future employee will interact with teammates, how they listen, how they deal with conflict, how adaptable they are and how well they communicate during times of stress is imperative. This presentation will introduce you to the "Top 10 Abilities" we think you should be looking for in new employees and HR APPROVED questions you can ask. 



-  Attendees will learn about the difference between hard skills and soft skills in an employee

- Attendees will be introduced to the "Top 10 Abilities" to look for in all future employees and managers

- Attendees will gain access to questions that are HR Approved and can be used in the interview process to evaluate for soft skills. 



Presentation is best as a 30-60 minute presentation



Presentation can be delivered as a face-to-face presentation or as a webinar. 


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