The O.U.T.S.M.A.R.T Method for Goal Setting

The O.U.T.S.M.A.R.T Method for Goal Setting - By Dr. Sadie Gray

Even if you and your team are familiar with SMART goals (no worries if not, we got you) sometimes employees still fall far short of the mark set for them. While SMART goals are the highest standard, employees won’t carry them out if they don’t feel heard and valued in the process. This presentation discusses the OUTSMART method that leadership can utilize to empower employees to take ownership of large goals. 



- Attendees will learn the steps to identifying and writing OUTSMART goals.

- Attendees will learn the perfect questions to ask to ensure the goal is understood by the entire team. 

- Attendees will be able to learn the importance of trust in the goal-setting process, so employees feel motivated to take on new tasks.

- Attendees will learn about the dignity and trust-building of allowing the team to incorporate their knowledge into the goal.



Typically this presentation is 1 hour in length



Designed for management and team leaders – deliverable virtually or in person.



Dr. Sadie Gray


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