Designing Workforce Trainings to Inspire Action

 Designing Workforce Trainings to Inspire Action

When is the last time you sat through a professional development or job training and felt like the learning applied directly and specifically to you? Often, failure to properly train employees can lead to breakdowns in processes or worse – lawsuits and injury. This presentation provides guidance on designing lessons and materials to ensure proper storage of content into long-term memory.



- Audience will learn the psychological learning theories aligned to workforce development and training. 

- Audience will learn readily implementable tactics for ensuring trainees interact with the content meaningfully AND store it into long-term memory.

- Audience will learn to ways to measure the impact of the training and assess if the necessary learning occurred. 



Best done as a 60 minute presentation



Designed for workforce trainers/leaders – deliverable virtually or in person.



Dr. Sadie Gray


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